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Ra-Ikane II

By Ilala Lodge on September 25, 2015

Earlier this year, Ilala Lodge Hotel announced an exciting development for the lodge family and Victoria Falls as a whole – the launch of Ra-Ikane II, a luxury cruise boat that exudes the ambiance and grace of a bygone era.

Following in the footsteps of the original Ra-Ikane, one of the most popular vessels in Victoria Falls, the Ra-Ikane II has been equipped with a number of fresh features. For instance, the new cruiser seats up to 18 guests, whereas Ra-Ikane I only accommodates 12.

Ra-Ikane II
Boasting a consistent design, embodying the elegance of the David Livingstone’s “Ma Robert”, the Ra-Ikane brand is wonderfully unique. As one of the only monohull vessels on the water, the new boat provides guests with an exceptional experience. Not only is she faster and larger, but she also positions passengers closer to the water, and further up the Zambezi River, due to her size. What’s more, unlike larger pontoon-type boats, the design of this cruiser escorts passengers closer to the banks, and into the shallow water, which is rich in Victoria Falls wildlife.

Ma Robert
By far, the most popular activity onboard the Ra-Ikane II is the spectacular sunset cruise, a tranquil way to round off yet another day in Africa.

Another underrated, yet no less enjoyable, offering is the Ilala Lodge Hotel breakfast cruise. Experience the fresh-faced beauty of the Zambezi River, whilst sipping freshly-brewed coffee and feasting upon a full continental breakfast. As the only boat of the river, there is no other Victoria Falls activity more peaceful.

Previously, the size limitations of the original cruiser often forced the lodge to turn away eager guests. Now, however, both boats are run virtually every day, and many more passengers can enjoy the delight and relaxation that is Ra-Ikane II. What’s more, the cruiser can also be hired out for private cruises and functions.

Visit the Victoria Falls activities desk at Ilala to find out more, or to book your Ra-Ikane II cruise today!

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