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Tips for Tiger Fishing in Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge on April 7, 2016

Catching, or at least attempting to catch, a Tiger Fish should hold ‘Bucket List’ status for each and every person travelling to Victoria Falls. Nothing quite beats landing one of the finest fighting fish in the world, after a long day of patiently waiting to get a bite. While Tiger Fish evade capture more often than not, there is loads of fun to be had in the attempt of it all.

Here, we provide some useful tips and tricks to catching your very first, or next, Tiger Fish in Victoria Falls.

Best Season

As with other sports, your chances of landing a Tiger Fish vary with the seasons and months of the year, and the method of fishing employed. Fortunately, along the Upper Lower Zambezi particularly, Tiger Fishing is a year-round activity.

tiger fishing in victoria falls
In terms of fly fishing and spinning, the best time of the year is from May to August as the water is most clear. From September to December, as the water begins to heat up, and the fish are at their most active, trawling is the preferred method of Tiger Fishing. At this time, the water levels begin to drop and large schools of baitfish make their way into the main river channels, delectable prey for these feisty creatures. Last, but not least, from January to April take the time to hone your drifting skills, as it’s the perfect time of the year for it. Fishing excursions in Victoria Falls are extremely popular throughout the year, so make sure to book your full or half day trip well in advance.

Fishing Spots

There are two main fishing spots in Victoria Falls: The Batoka Gorge, and the Upper Zambezi. Situated below the Falls, The Batoka Gorge offers fishermen and women a challenging angling adventure in one of the most scenic Tiger Fishing destinations in Africa. Far more popular is the Upper Zambezi, which lies above the Falls. Here, gently flowing waters and breath-taking scenery provide an idyllic setting for a day of Tiger Fish pursuit.

batoka gorge


What to Pack:

– Sunglasses
– Wide-brim Hat
– Sun cream
– Waterproof camera

Tour Operators

A number of tour operators in Victoria Falls provide visitors with the opportunity to go Tiger Fishing. Wild Horizons offer daily 3-hour-long fishing trips along the Upper Zambezi for just US$100 per person. An experienced river guide will take you to only the very best spots, while giving you an enriching tour of the river at the same time. Shearwater Victoria Falls offer a similar outing for US$110 per person, aimed towards both experienced anglers and novices alike.

tiger fishing victoria falls
To find out more about Tiger Fishing in Victoria Falls, visit the activities desk at Ilala Lodge, or simply contact us directly on or +263(13) 44737.


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