River rafting the Zambezi

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

River rafting is probably one of the most adrenaline-fuelled activities you can enjoy, and when you find yourself on the tempestuous Zambezi River, you can expect a wild ride. The Zambezi River is recognised as one of the top ten paddling rivers on the planet, and has been bravely attempted by rafting and kayaking experts alike.

The Zambezi River has always drawn much attention. In 1981 river rafting was introduced and since then the Zambezi has gained popularity and is a regular feature on the itineraries of those looking for an adrenaline rush of note. In 1997 alone, more than 50 000 people enjoyed the frantic twists and turns of river rafting.

For those ambitious rafters out there, the Zambezi River has been classified by the British Canoe Union as Grade 5 – i.e. featuring extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas. Definitely not an experience for the faint-hearted!

When to go…
The most exciting and rewarding time to go river rafting on the Zambezi River is between July and mid-February. This is because the ‘low water’ run occurs when the Zambezi River is at its lowest level. Worthwhile day trips are often conducted during this season between rapids 1 and 18. During ‘high’ season (February-July), the water of the Zambezi rises, and there is a short closed period between April and May. River rafting is not the only thing to be enjoyed on the River, the birdlife around this area is exceptionally good, and there are even small, yet unthreatening, crocodiles lurking in water. Rafting is conducted on both sides of the river, in the Zimbabwe and Zambia set below the stunning Victoria Falls.

For a memorable experience that will have your friends green with jealousy, river rafting on the Zambezi River offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Mother Nature in all her fierce glory.

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