Lion Walks in Victoria Falls

Posted by admin on Monday, September 10th, 2012

Victoria Falls offers visitors many exciting activities in the scenic surrounds of the falls and the mighty Zambezi River. To add an unforgettable touch to any holiday in this area, it is now possible to walk with lions in Victoria Falls – an experience that cannot be missed.


As the King of the jungle, the lion has become a symbol of the African bush. One of nature’s best-known predators and the subject of many documentaries and even animated films, lions enjoy a reputation for being fearsome but noble, a combination of qualities that appeals to people of all ages and makes a walk with these beautiful beasts a truly unique experience.

Walking with Lions – How it Works

It is possible to walk with lions in Victoria Falls and surrounds by booking a lion encounter either on the banks of the Masuwe River or in the Mosi-Oa-Tuna National Park. A team of trained professionals will accompany your group through lion territory, having briefed you fully on the safety requirements and procedures that need to be followed to ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable lion walk. As you continue your walk you will be astounded by the majesty of these predators as they patrol their territory and if you may be lucky enough to witness a kill.


Cub Encounters

Due to safety measures, children are not generally allowed on the lion walks in Victoria Falls. However, the younger members of the family may enjoy a special encounter of their own with lion cubs no older than 5 months. Small, well-controlled and extremely cute, these baby lions provide an experience that your children will cherish for years as they bond with the children of Africa’s greatest predators.


If you are keen to walk with lions in Victoria Falls, it is advisable to book this popular activity in advance when you finalise your accommodation booking. Your hotel or travel agent will be able to recommend the best lion walk available to suit your needs.

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