Victoria Falls – Weather Conditions

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The Victoria Falls are one of Africa’s most impressive and popular tourist attractions. Located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa, Victoria Falls attracts thousands of visitors each month. If you’re planning a trip to this wonder of nature, you may be wondering when the best time is to visit Victoria Falls – here is a brief look at Victoria Falls weather
Victoria Falls Climate
Situated on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the climate around Victoria Falls is generally warm, with a long summer which lasts from late August until April. The winter months of May to mid-August are cool, but by no means cold. The Victoria Falls weather conditions can range from extreme heat in the height of summer to cool but pleasant days in winter, making this area accessible throughout the year. However, there are benefits …

Where to Stay in Zambia – Victoria Falls or Livingstone?

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The Victoria Falls are one of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural attractions, drawing thousands of tourists each year to witness the wonder of this incredible natural phenomenon. Situated on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Victoria Falls have created a dynamic tourism industry on the Zambian side of the border, with Livingstone being the nearest town to the falls with tourist facilities. If you are wondering where to stay on your visit to this area, here are some tourism facts about Victoria Falls vs Livingstone:
Is Livingstone far from Victoria Falls?
First-time visitors to Zambia may be wondering how far the town of Livingstone is from the Victoria Falls – the town is situated 10km north of the Zambezi river, with the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park which contains the falls just a short drive from the southernmost part of town. With a variety of affordable tourism options, Livingstone is an extremely convenient …

Hotels in Victoria Falls

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The Victoria Falls or Moisi ou tunia (the smoke that thunders) is a spectacle in its self and all around one cannot help but marvel at the fantastic views. The mighty Zambezi, the expansive wild bush, the grandeur of the falls its self, and the snaking gorge that the water creates, where ever you are in Victoria Falls there is always a picturesque view to admire and whichever hotel you stay in you will have your very own glorious picture to remember.
Ilala Lodge, situated on the edge of the national parks is as closely located to the falls as nature will allow. The terraced garden overlooks an expanse of bush from which elephant, plains game and numerous birds often emerge to graze on the hotel lawns. The Moisi ou tunia is clear to see from the hotel dining room, the plumes of smoke ascend from the rainforest …

Fishing in Kariba

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This is a Fishermans dream, 300km of wide open waters, teaming with fish ready for the catch. Lake Kariba is one of the world largest manmade lakes, and now thanks to the lack of commercial fish farming it is rich in abundance of fish. The most common being Kariba Bream, Nile Perch, Tiger fish and barbell or catfish. Lake Kariba has fantastic weather which means that you can fish almost every day of the year without having to worry about missing out on a thing.
A good days’ fishing always starts before dawn when the light has barely tinted the horizon, equipped with a hot thermos of coffee and a packet of sandwiches, you trundle down to the boat and set off just as the mist starts to rise off the water. The world is barely awake but it’s essential to get to all the good spots early and get the …

Victoria Falls Highlights

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If you’re planning a trip to the magnificent Victoria Falls, you’re in for an amazing experience. As one of the most impressive natural splendours known to man, the falls have captivated people for millennia, becoming famous in the 1800’s after their discovery by David Livingstone. To make your trip extra special, you’ll find some useful information about the many Victoria Falls highlights below.
The Falls Themselves
No photo or description can truly capture the splendour of the Victoria Falls, with their walls of water which stream down hundreds of litres of water a minute. The size of the falls, along with their beautiful setting surrounded by a rainforest, makes this natural landmark a must-see attraction. Among many Victoria Falls highlights to be found in the area surrounding the falls are the seventeen viewing points, each one giving visitors a different perspective of this magnificent wonder.

Facts About Victoria Falls

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The Victoria Falls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Africa. Located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the falls are a must-see piece of natural splendour. If you’re planning a visit to this amazing natural landmark, here are some Victoria Falls facts that are sure to interest you!
The Falls were named after Britain’s Queen Victoria who ruled England between 1837 and 1876, and played a part in Zimbabwe’s colonial history. Though Zimbabwe and Zambia have enjoyed independence for decades, the landmark has become a household name and so it was decided not to rename it. Other interesting Victoria Falls facts include:

The Victoria Falls are the most popular tourist attraction in Zimbabwe, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

The Victoria Falls Bridge, which offers magnificent views of the falls, is 111 metres high.

During the rainy season (November …

Vic Falls Fest 2011

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There is nothing that fans of rock music love more than a music festival. The hottest bands, the coolest people and that vibe you just can’t find anywhere else – nothing could be more awesome!
Mention the word ‘rock fest’ to most people and it brings to mind those images of Woodstock that we have all seen on TV and in the movies, but what if someone told you that there is a festival in Zimbabwe to rival the best anywhere?  If you’re surprised and can’t wait to find out more, read our preview of the 2011 Vic Falls Fest.

If you haven’t made plans for this coming New Year’s Eve, keep your diary open!  Imagine a music festival in the beautiful setting of Victoria Falls, with wide open spaces, the hottest new bands and a whole bunch of fun-loving rock fans …

Victoria Falls Adventures

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A Vic Falls Bunji experience is not on everyone’s to-do list but if it’s on yours then you really are in for an experience of a lifetime. Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means the Smoke that Thunders, seems like one of the most spectacular venues for a Bunji jump.

When doing a Vic Falls Bunji it is important to be aware that the bridge where the Bunji takes place is considered ‘no man’s land’ and therefore, you need to get a Bridge Visit gate pass, which only allows you to do the Bunji and then leave from the same gate you entered – you cannot enter Zambia or Zimbabwe with this pass.
In order to do a Bunji jump you need to be over the age of 14 years old and weigh more than 40kg but less than 140kg. Passports need to be presented …

Zimbabwe Tourism – A Country of Wonders

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If you are looking for a tourist destination that combines affordability, friendly local people and some of the most amazing natural splendour that Africa has to offer, Zimbabwe may just be the place for you!
In recent years, Zimbabwe has seen tourism increase as the country’s economy continues to stabilise. With the wide variety of attractions and accommodation on offer, tourists are flocking to Zimbabwe – a country of great history and natural beauty.
If you’ve never been to Zimbabwe or are curious about the countries various attractions and places of interest, we have a brief overview of some Zimbabwean tourist attractions that are not to be missed! Remember to keep these in mind when you decide to visit!
The Victoria Falls
These famous waterfalls are probably the best known tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. Every minute, 546 million cubic metres of water pass over …

New Years with Nature

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The Falls Fest is a fairly new attraction for a New Year’s celebration and involves celebrating  new year at the breath-taking Victoria Falls, which is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Over 100m high, this waterfall is a sight to be seen. Being part of a Vic Falls New Year is without a doubt an experience of a life time.
With many well-known musicians taking part in this unforgettable night it is clear to see why an evening filled with good music, beautiful scenery and great company is so popular for people not just from Africa but from all around the world. The 2011 Falls Festival line up with see acts such as LocnVille, who will be headlining the event, Crash Car Burn, The First Descent and Evicted…Looks like the Vic Falls New Year 2011 is going to be an incredible night.
The Victoria …