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Travel Attractions in Zimbabwe

By Ilala Lodge on July 24, 2012

Located just north of South Africa, Zimbabwe is a land-locked country with a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, and tourist attractions which offer visitors a memorable holiday experience. As a country which has been subjected to negative publicity for political reasons, Zimbabwe is in the process of stabilising and is emerging from a difficult period in its history to take its place once again as a premier travel destination in Africa. Here are some of the amazing Zimbabwe travel attractions you may look forward to on a visit to this fascinating country:


Victoria Falls

The most impressive body of water known to man, the Victoria Falls attract thousands of visitors each year. Although many tourists associate the falls with Zambia, the position of Victoria Falls on the Zambian and Zimbabwean border means that this attraction is equally a Zimbabwean treasure – some would argue that the view of the falls from the southern side makes Victoria Falls the most magnificent of all Zimbabwe travel attractions.


As the second-largest city in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo has a fascinating history and is a blend of African and European cultures. From historic colonial buildings to thrilling wildlife adventures, this city offers visitors a taste of true Zimbabwean hospitality with plentiful accommodation options. The nearby Matobo National Park is a haven for Rhinos and a host of other African wildlife which provide hours of game viewing and an unforgettable safari experience.


Harare is Zimbabwe’s biggest city and is a dynamic mix of various cultures and nationalities. Visitors who wish to combine a bush getaway with a taste of 21st-century Zimbabwe will find the most fascinating of Zimbabwe travel attractions. The city has several excellent hotels and other forms of accommodation, and is home to several museums and the beautiful Harare Gardens. A short distance from the city is the Hwange National Park which allows visitors a unique opportunity to view wildlife on horseback – a must for all people who love the equestrian lifestyle.

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