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Victoria Falls Green Fund Initiative

By Ilala Lodge on June 20, 2013

Environment Africa works with all sectors of society throughout Southern Africa to protect and manage natural resources and to promote sustainable development. It facilitates community action by raising awareness, motivating and empowering people to protect and restore their environment and improve their livelihoods.


Initiated by Environment Africa, the Africa Green Fund is a social and environmental welfare fund established to enable secure and transparent financial funding of environmental and development projects within Southern Africa. The fund is independently audited.

Our goal is to deal effectively with environmental challenges and to continue to develop and support strategies and projects to minimize economic impact on the environment in the area.


• To promote and encourage environmental awareness and action in and around Victoria Falls
• To build up a capital base to support and assist Environment Africa and other environmental and social welfare organizations to conduct sustainable environmental development projects within the region of Victoria Falls
• To promote the identification of sound environmental friendly strategies, practices and activities that conserve the environment and the well-being of the local community to assist the region of Victoria Falls in its desire to become recognized as a “Green Destination” on a national, regional and international level
• To ensure the continued protection of Victoria Falls’ distinctive assets for present and future generations


Victoria Falls Green Fund


Vic Falls Green Fund mobilised local youth leaders to co-ordinate a much needed clean up in the Victoria Falls Cemetery near town. Joined by other members of the community the cemetery is being restored to a place of green tranquillity and holds the history of generations.


A concept from Environment Africa was brought to life by the talented artists of the Ruoko Project, Elephant’s Walk, Victoria Falls in December 2012. This larger than life Rhino was created with a framework of steel and her body is moulded with recycled beverage cans. Her horns were crafted with wire from snares recovered by the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU) and Zimbabwe National Parks & Wildlife Authority and symbolize hope for her species.

Twalumba is an ambassador to raise awareness around recycling, conservation and the environment. When she is not traveling, spreading the message, her home will be at Elephant’s Walk, so be sure to pay her a visit if you are in Victoria Falls.

Her name, Twalumba means “thank you” in Tonga – she is thanking you for looking after her species and mother earth.


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