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Victoria Falls Highlights

By Ilala Lodge on January 13, 2012

If you’re planning a trip to the magnificent Victoria Falls, you’re in for an amazing experience. As one of the most impressive natural splendours known to man, the falls have captivated people for millennia, becoming famous in the 1800’s after their discovery by David Livingstone. To make your trip extra special, you’ll find some useful information about the many Victoria Falls highlights below.

The Falls Themselves

No photo or description can truly capture the splendour of the Victoria Falls, with their walls of water which stream down hundreds of litres of water a minute. The size of the falls, along with their beautiful setting surrounded by a rainforest, makes this natural landmark a must-see attraction. Among many Victoria Falls highlights to be found in the area surrounding the falls are the seventeen viewing points, each one giving visitors a different perspective of this magnificent wonder.

Victoria Falls Sunset

Luxury Accommodation

The Victoria Falls area combines natural beauty with comfortable accommodation choices which will make your stay memorable and extremely enjoyable. After a day filled with the excitement of viewing one of the world’s natural wonders you can unwind in luxurious surrounds as you end the day with drinks and dinner at one of the fine hotels surrounding Victoria Falls.

Year-Round Good Weather

The Victoria Falls and surrounding areas enjoy a warm climate, with temperatures seldom dropping below 20 degrees centigrade, even in winter. Between September and April, the falls’ summer months, temperatures regularly exceed 30 degrees with hot weather being the norm. This excellent weather bodes well for sun-lovers, and for travellers who prefer milder conditions the winter season offers a comfortably warm climate in which to explore the falls.

Easy Access

Our list of Victoria Falls highlights wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the direct flights to Victoria Falls Airport from both Johannesburg and Harare. SAA, British Airways and Air Zimbabwe currently offer flight services to Victoria Falls making your visit to the falls easy and convenient.

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