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History with a Dash of Gin!

By Ilala Lodge on June 29, 2019

The Historic Tram and Bridge Tour is certainly a unique experience which involves the history of Victoria Falls, combined with artisanal food, gins and cocktails – a wonderful mix indeed!

The activity starts at the Victoria Falls Train Station where you are greeted by the team and offered a selection of Pimms, wines and beers. There is a gorgeous table of artisanal baked bread filled with a variety of beef, chicken or vegetarian options, cheese sticks and delicious dips. You select your eats and pack them in a little takeaway for later. Shortly after that the tram meets you and you are called aboard, a short safety briefing and you start making your way to the bridge. The trip is about 20-30 minutes in total and there is an opportunity to see the wildlife passing by.

Tram Tour Victoria Falls

Once you arrive at the Victoria Falls Bridge you are greeted by a member of the Shearwater team who shows you their adrenaline activity options including the bungee, Bridge Swing and Slides and then show you to the little museum to meet your guide “George Imbault” the French Engineer who was the on-site Chief of Construction.George regales you with an informative and lively talk about the history for about 20 minutes.

George Immault Bridge Tour

You are then led down the gorge, to a “secret viewpoint” where you are greeted by a beautiful setup of craft gins and all the condiments, premium liquors, a few snacks and an unbeatable view of the Victoria Falls Bridge! After enjoying the grand view, some delicious drinks and snacks you are then escorted back to the Tram which takes you back to the Victoria Falls Train Station.

Please contact our activities office if you would like to book this experience when you visit the Victoria Falls.

Pimms Bridge Tour

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