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Make a Date with Devil’s Pool

By Ilala Lodge on November 5, 2015

Most of the things to do in Victoria Falls involve some amount of exhilaration, and plunging into Devil’s Pool on the very edge of the Falls themselves is no exception.

Devil’s Pool, located on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls, offers daredevil visitors an opportunity to elevate their adrenalin should they tire of bungee jumping, bridge swinging, jet boat rides and other Victoria Falls activities.

Image Credit - joepyrek

This rocky bathing pool is accessible via Livingstone Island. Tour operators such as Shearwater Victoria Falls and Tongabezi conduct five trips a day to the pool.

Image Credit - joepyrekThe tour includes an exhilarating boat trip out to Livingstone Island, a stroll around the most scenic spots in the area, a light meal or snacks and a plunge into this iconic puddle. A short walk takes you within striking distance of Devil’s Pool. After a brief swim upstream, you can settle in on the ledge of the pool to admire the view before retracing your steps back to the bank.

While all this may seem like a reckless endeavour, taking a dip in Devil’s Pool is remarkably safe.
Image Credit - pjah73The pool has been eroded in such a way that a narrow ledge and rock wall prevent you from being swept over the edge along with 500 million litres of Zambezi River water per minute. Qualified guides are in attendance and safety cables are installed as a safety precaution during your swim to the pool. This activity is only conducted when water levels are suitably low, which is usually from August to January each year.

Image Credit - Charles HaynesIf you are staying at one of the Victoria Falls hotels, you can apply for a KAZA Visa, which allows you to cross the Zambezi at will while visiting this part of the world.

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