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Segway Tour of Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge on June 11, 2019

The Segwayย  is a two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter made by Segway Inc. and now available to ride around Victoria Falls on!

This tour begins right outside the Ilala Lodge Hotel in the parking area. You will spend about 15-20 minutes acquainting yourself with the machine, learning how to drive forward, backwards, turn and stop. Once the guide is happy with your skills, off you go!

Big Baobab Tree

The great thing about this tour is it is incredibly flexible. The Segways can go most areas in town and depending on what you are interested in, the route can be personalised to suit. An example of a good tour would be to first head on over to the Victoria Falls Hotel, where your guide will give you a historical talk about the building, the area, the bridge and of course a chance to enjoy the view! From there you can go down to the Victoria Falls Bridge, look at the gorge and see the Victoria Falls too. From the bridge you can take a scenic Segway until we onto Zambezi Drive, to see the one of the most enormous baobab trees in the area.ย  This part of the route is quite lovely as you can stop a couple of times on the river, watch some wildlife and meander back to the hotel. Your guide is with you the whole time, and can take you wherever you might like.

The age limit is 7-70 years and the maximum weight is 125kg. Does Segway-ing sound like fun to you? If so, be sure to contact our Activities office to book your tour.

Victoria Falls Bungee

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