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Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi River

By Ilala Lodge on May 8, 2014

According to fishermen’s tales told around campfires across the world, the most engaging game fishing stories originate from expeditions to the Zambezi River.

All three sections of  The Zambezi are host to the sought after tiger fish and anglers from all over the world come here for the opportunity to catch “the big one”.  The fiery, sabre-toothed tiger fish (Hydrocyanus vittatus), is deemed by many to be world’s premium freshwater game fish.

Zambezi River Fishing

Kabula, situated on the Upper Zambezi, is regarded as a particularly good part of the river for Tiger fishing.  Here, fish larger than 10kgs rule the waters of both the river and the two adjacent dams.  The best months for catching tiger fish in this area is July and August.

However – there is another spot on the river known as “tiger heaven”.  Starting at the Impalila Island, it stretches about 100kms upstream ending at Katima Mulilo.  Every year, this stretch of the river grows and rejuvenates due to the floodplains emptying into the river.  During this time, each of the river species known in these parts restocks themselves by way of eating and breeding after the plentiful rains have come.

The Zambezi River Gorge in the Middle Zambezi is the least accessible fishing area.  The steep sides of the gorge and rapid water flow mean that the only way to access the gorge is via Deka, although it is a worthwhile trip to make if you are after a great tiger fishing experience.

Zambezi River Tiger Fishing

Good fishing on the Lower Zambezi is between September and May.  You will not be disappointed with the tiger fish availability in Lake Kariba.  This vast expanse of water spreads out 220kms long and 40kms wide.  The tiger fish here thrive on the high population of Tanganyika sardine, which was originally bred here as a local food source and the tiger fish in this lake can grow up to 15kgs, with the record for the largest ever caught to date weighing in at 16.193kgs!

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