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Victoria Falls Rain Forest

By Ilala Lodge on March 26, 2014


There is something almost supernaturally beautiful about the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

In the shadow of the majestic Victoria Falls it rains continuously, supporting the growth of rich and diverse plants, and an aerial view clearly shows a thick border of greenery on the Zimbabwe side of the Main Falls.  This abundant vegetation is known as the Victoria Falls Rain Forest and is home to a great variety of wildlife, birdlife, insects and amphibians.

Victoria Falls Forest

The Rainforest is unique in that is sustained as follows – from the main gorge, the waters rush down into a void below, the spray resulting from the falling mass of water rises and condenses into small droplets forming a constant shower in certain areas around the Falls.  Even though the ensuing habitat is not a rain forest by strict definition, the results are the same – dense vegetation that stays green throughout the year.

The type of vegetation found in the Victoria Falls Rainforest is an extension of the riverbanks of the Zambezi and the type of trees and shrubs that grow here are also seen upstream of the Falls. Another interesting fact about the rainforest is that evidence shows that it has been migrating over time. The forest vegetation has moved upstream with the waterfall, carving its tracks through the basaltic rock. The result is the Batoka Gorge, with its twisted appearance.

Victoria Falls Rain Forest


A walk through the rainforest holds many surprises, some of the best ones being the 17 viewpoints that give you panoramic views of the entire Waterfall, as well as the railway bridge.

What makes the forest even more special, are the moonbows that can be seen from here during full moon.  The Victoria Rainforest is open 3 nights a month for tours to showcase these lunar white rainbows which are produced by the moonlight refracting off the mist of the Falls.

Rainforest Victoria Falls


Just a short 7 minute walk from the Ilala Lodge Hotel will get you to the rainforest to experience the moonbows, rainforests and smoke that thunders… a truly magical experience!


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