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Top 9 Things to do in Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge on November 4, 2016

Known as African’s adventure capital, Victoria Falls boasts a vast array of exciting activities catering to adrenalin junkies and leisure travellers alike. From fast-paced excursions such as bungee jumping and white water rafting, to more sedate pastimes such as a sunset cruise, or fishing trip, there is something for everyone.

To aid you in deciding what to do during your first, or next, trip to Victoria Falls, we’ve put together our top 10 picks.

1. Zambezi River white water rafting

The Zambezi River below Victoria Falls offers some of the world’s best and most exhilarating one day white water rafting. 24 fearsome rapids in this deep channelled, high volume stretch of river, ensure a fierce and unforgettable experience.

Zambezi River White Water Rafting
2. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge is a once in a lifetime activity, with daredevils from all over making the trip to attempt this incredible feat. Take a deep breath, spread your arms, and launch yourself off the platform to experience a 111 metre shot of adrenaline.

Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls
3. Swim in Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool, located on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, offers adventurous visitors a unique opportunity – swimming on the very edge of the mighty waterfall. After plunging into the nippy waters of this rocky bathing pool, local guides will carefully lead you to the ledge of the pool to admire the 108m drop below.

Devil's Pool Victoria Falls
4. Tour of Victoria Falls

A visit to Victoria Falls wouldn’t be complete without gazing upon the town’s namesake – the largest waterfall in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of Natural Wonders of the World. A self-guided tour of Smoke That Thunders will allow you to take your time, pausing at each and every viewpoint. However, a guided tour will provide you with fascinating little-known facts, and an incredible history of the Falls.

Victoria Falls
5. Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River

Catching a Tiger Fish on the Zambezi River should hold ‘Bucket List’ status for each and every person travelling to Victoria Falls. Nothing quite beats the rush of landing one of the finest fighting fish in the world – especially after a long day of patiently waiting to get a bite.

Tiger Fishing Victoria Falls
6. Ra-Ikane sunset cruise

One of the most beautiful spots to watch the sun set in Victoria Falls is aboard one of Ilala Lodge’s luxury river cruisers. Named after the instrumental guide who accompanied and assisted David Livingstone in his monumental discovery of Victoria Falls, the Ra-Ikane fleet is comprised of three elegant, monohull cruising boats fashioned after Livingstone’s exploration boat, the Ma-Robert. Enjoy a brief history of the mighty river, with a cocktail in hand, while you watch the sun slowly dip below the horizon.

7. Historical tour of Victoria Falls Bridge

Test out your tolerance for heights and learn all about Victoria Falls’ greatest architectural structure on the incredible Bridge Tour. This high-wire activity includes a walk along the catwalks under the bridge, which were used during its construction, and an informative presentation of the construction of the bridge.

Victoria Falls Bridge Tour
8. Flight of Angels

Soar high above the buzz of the crowd, and enjoy a breath-taking bird’s eye view of Victoria Falls on the Flight of Angels. The structure of the helicopter ensures that each passenger has unparalleled views allowing you to fully take in the mesmerizing surroundings. Travellers can choose from both 15- and 30-minute flights throughout the day offered by several tour operators.

Flight of Angels
9. Local village tour

The area surrounding Victoria Falls is rich in culture and boasts a fascinating history, dating back over 700 years. Community and Cultural Tours, led by knowledgeable and experienced guides, offer visitors an opportunity to learn more about daily life, history, local cuisine and traditions of the surrounding communities.

Village Tour Victoria Falls
To find out more about this Victoria Falls activities, or to book an excursion in Africa’s adventure capital, simply contact Ilala Lodge on or +263 13 44737/8/9.

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