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Canoeing on the Mighty Zambezi

By Ilala Lodge on May 22, 2015

Zimbabwe is on the rise when it comes to tourism, mainly thanks to the increasing number of things to do in Victoria Falls. This destination seems to have an unlimited capacity for adventure activities and exciting experiences.

Not only is it the site of one of the worldโ€™s most iconic waterfalls, but tour operators offer an amazing diversity of Zambezi River activities here too, and the Victoria Falls wildlife is diverse and satisfying to seek out.

While staying at Victoria Falls accommodation around this beautiful and interesting destination, you will find no shortage of opportunities for relaxation or high adventure, as the mood strikes you.

One of the ways to revel in this natural abundance is to take a canoe trip on the Zambezi River. Canoe trails take place both above and below the Victoria Falls, and depending on the season, these can be quite different experiences.

Canoeing Victoria Falls

On the upper Zambezi, you can embark on either a half or full day on the water, which involves mostly gentle paddling and spying on the resident wildlife as they go about their daily lives. This is the stomping ground of buffalo and elephant, the playing field of hippos and crocodiles, and a haven for over fifty species of birds. Silent and inconspicuous, canoes are a great way to view these animals without disturbing them.

While meandering among the gently flowing channels above Kandahar Island, keep your eyes peeled for tiger fish turning on the surface, and martial eagles soaring overhead. Your professional tour guide will make sure that you donโ€™t miss out on any of these exciting sightings.

Below the Falls, you will get to experience another side of the mighty Zambezi River. Here, this slow-moving giant ups the pace; with many more rapids to negotiate and faster flowing water to contend with, especially during high-water season.

Experienced guides will make sure that you avoid too much of a bumpy ride however, by circumventing the largest and most turbulent rapids, so that you can still enjoy the scenery and birdlife below the falls.

Canoe Trip Victoria Falls

If one day is simply not enough, there is also the option to undertake overnight or multi-day canoeing excursions on the Zambezi. These involve camping in the Zambezi National Park, which adds another exciting layer to your canoeing experience.

Canoeing is available throughout the year and costs US$150.00 per person, plus a park fee of S$10.00 per person for Upper Zambezi Cruises. You can enquire about the costs of Lower Zambezi Cruises via

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