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New Baboon-Proof Bins in Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge Hotel on November 27, 2023

Tackling the Local Litter Issue

The Palm Hospitality Group (PHG) Foundation has unveiled a new community initiative to address an ongoing issue with baboons raiding and emptying public litter bins in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The Problem: The Litter-Bin Raiders

Placed as it is within a wildlife national park, the community of Victoria Falls faces mild human and wildlife conflict, one of which includes the rummaging and overturning of litter bins throughout the town centre by baboon troops.

The baboons dig through the bins, emptying the contents and spreading them across the town centre. Not only does this create an unsightly mess, but more worryingly poses a threat to other wildlife who might stumble across the litter (much of which is plastic) and ingest it.

Previously, the PHG Foundation attempted to deter the primates by installing tall, narrow, metal bins with small deposit openings. Unfortunately, the mischievous baboons were able to tip these bins over and pry them open in search of food scraps.

A Clever Solution: Primate-Proof Litter Bins

To combat this, the PHG Foundation has introduced a new series of specialised baboon-proof bins throughout the Victoria Falls town centre. The 15 new bins are made of durable material and feature a closed deposit section with a rotating wheel that allows contents to fall in, but keeps baboons out. The bins are also significantly larger than previous bins and are weighty enough to prevent being tipped over easily.

This week the PHG Foundation handed over the specialised bins to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority at the entrance to the iconic Victoria Falls Rainforest. Guests are encouraged to dispose of their litter correctly in aid of preserving our Natural World Wonder. Other bins can be spotted throughout the Victoria Falls town centre for ease of access.

This initiative supports the efforts of the Pristine Victoria Falls Society, a local community organisation working towards making Victoria Falls a clean, green city in Africa by creating a litter-free and sustainable environment.

The PHG Foundation

Formed in 2022, the PHG Foundation combines the successful track record of Ilala Lodge Hotel‘s community projects with the passionate staff of Palm River Hotel. The baboon-proof bins are part of the PHG Foundation’s broader mission to aid the local Victoria Falls community.

Other PHG Foundation initiatives include monthly litter clean-ups throughout designated sections of the town centre, recycling programmes, wildlife protection, cultural heritage preservation, and local fundraisers.

The group is dedicated to sustainable tourism and minimising environmental impact. Their efforts endeavour to make Victoria Falls a better place to live and visit for all!

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