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Hotels in Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge on March 9, 2012

The Victoria Falls or Moisi ou tunia (the smoke that thunders) is a spectacle in its self and all around one cannot help but marvel at the fantastic views. The mighty Zambezi, the expansive wild bush, the grandeur of the falls its self, and the snaking gorge that the water creates, where ever you are in Victoria Falls there is always a picturesque view to admire and whichever hotel you stay in you will have your very own glorious picture to remember.

Ilala Lodge, situated on the edge of the national parks is as closely located to the falls as nature will allow. The terraced garden overlooks an expanse of bush from which elephant, plains game and numerous birds often emerge to graze on the hotel lawns. The Moisi ou tunia is clear to see from the hotel dining room, the plumes of smoke ascend from the rainforest canopy and if the wind is right, the water that’s caught up in the wind draughts descends on you like a fine mist, cooling you in the sweltering African heat. One cannot help but enjoy the serenity that settles over you as you dine under the stars listening to the roaring falls and the gentle crunching of an elephant moving slowly past.

Hotels in Victoria Falls

Safari Lodge is unprecedented in its grand design. Made entirely of wood this lodge boasts panoramic views as well as an internal wonder of Chris – crossed beams interlocking to form a structure that pyramids out of the bush. The lodge overlooks the winding Zambezi on one side and the extensive African bush on the other. As far as the eye can see the bush extends over the horizon and below the terrace a small waterhole entices animals out of hiding to drink and frolic in the shallow waters. There could be nothing more perfect than sitting on the deck enjoying a cold drink, surrounded by the sounds of nature and watching the animals drinking while the blazing sun sets over the river. The safari lodge lays claim to the famous Boma, a traditional dining place where one can go for a truly African interactive dining experience. You can taste home brewed Zimbabwean beer and sample any cut of venison you can imagine, while sitting by a fire watching traditional African dancing and drumming.

The breath taking views from the terrace of Elephant Hills Hotel are its crowning glory, the gray elephantine hotel sits grandly on the only hill in the area overlooking the mighty Zambezi, and the view extends toward the Victoria Falls only a few kilometres away. This hotel has the only golf course in Victoria Falls area and it is always a delight to take a stroll along the fairway and watch many small plains game dart from the tree line and look at you inquisitively.

If posh and colonial is what you seek then look no further that the Victoria Falls Hotel. This is the original hotel built alongside the old railway station. With its silent grandeur this hotel reeks of old colonialism and one can almost imagine Lords and Ladies strolling along the garden paths with their parasols in hand. But even if you chose not to stay here a trip for high tea on the veranda is a must, with a variety of eats including salmon sandwiches and warm scones you also get to enjoy the best view Vic Falls has to offer. The lawns of the hotel plunge into the sheer cliffs formed by the river as it cuts its way from the Falls, and over this chasm, perfectly arched is the original bridge that links Zimbabwe to Zambia, creating the perfect frame for the mighty falls behind.

A’Zambezi is quietly situated up river from the falls but in the most beautiful location. The gardens extend on to the river and tall trees dip down from the rivers’ edge, hiding the hotel in its leafy splendour. Families of warthog are daily visitors that ‘knuckle down’ grazing the hotel lawns.

SprayView is set further back from the main hubbub of the town and sits perfectly along the main access road. The distance from the falls doesn’t affect the little hotel as it is only a short walk to the main town centre. If quiet and solitude is what you are looking for or a chance to mix with some of the locals then spray view is for you. The bar is a very popular hangout and attracts many to the pool area.

Grand and ethnic in its traditional Zimbabwean design the Kingdom hotel is superbly situated between Ilala Lodge and The Victoria Falls Hotel, along the main Victoria Falls road. Although this hotel is not famous for its wondrous views, its elaborate internal design makes it a sight to see. The Huge dining room looks over the swimming pool area and main gardens, which are spotted with small ponds and water features. Attached to the main hotel is the casino and restaurant dome, which attracts many locals and holiday makers eager for a good night life.

If hotels are not your thing, Victoria Falls has many back packers and self catering lodges available for a reasonably low price. Although they are not as well located they offer superb service.

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