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A Series of Sunrises Over Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge Hotel on December 4, 2019

Victoria Falls has an abundance of beauty – from magical rainbows, incredible sunsets and thundering sheets of water, it is a truly spectacular sight. What the Victoria Falls also does really well is show-stopping sunrises! However, these are a little harder to see in person as our beds are so super comfortable, we completely understand if you want to lie in them for a little longer! That is why we are putting together a year-long series showcasing the spectacular sunrises of the Victoria Falls so you can watch the changing of the seasons…and all captured by drone just for you.


The dawn of a new video series!


See a stunning rainbow and a tower of rising pink spray in this month’s sunrise


At the mid-point through winter, the majestic Victoria Falls continues to cascade with its mighty grandeur


July In this month’s sunrise video ☀️ you will notice a lot less spray AND less water falling over the edge of Victoria Falls. This is because the Zambezi River has recorded its lowest water levels for July 2019, compared to previous years!

Low water levels mean you’ll experience spectacular sightings of the rock formation behind the falls, as well as the perfect conditions for many water activities such as white-water rafting!


August marks the midpoint of the dry season in Victoria Falls! Months without rainfall result in the lowest water levels of the Zambezi River in decades! Wildlife, such as the buffalo seen in this video, scour the dry landscape in search of water to drink. While the Falls are at their lowest, this Natural World Wonder is still an incredible sight to behold!


We thought that August would be the lowest point of the year, but the Zambezi River has dropped further this month, but it is still as impressive as ever in September!


The mighty Victoria Falls waterfall is flowing at its lowest since 1996! Even during the driest season of the year, the Zimbabwean side of this World Wonder is still a breathtaking sight to see. Water levels are expected to drop further until the rains begin to fill the catchment areas upstream, so keep watching our monthly videos to see these dramatic changes!


This month, the water levels of the Zambezi River are starting to increase ever so slightly with the first rains arriving!

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