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Taking on the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon

By Ilala Lodge on July 28, 2023

Every year thousands of runners (and their enthusiastic supporters) congregate in Victoria Falls to participate in the highly-anticipated Econet Victoria Falls Marathon. It’s a wonderful day for athletes and spectators alike, with a palpable energy of unity in the air.

The event itself consists of three race categories: A full marathon (42 km), a half marathon (21 km), and a fun-filled 5 km race for those who prefer shorter distances. It draws athletes from near and far, eager to combine the thrill of a challenging race with the unparalleled beauty of one of the world’s most iconic natural wonders.

Go Team!

This year, 19 remarkable staff members from Ilala Lodge Hotel and our sister property, Palm River Hotel, banded together to form Team Palm Hospitality Group, and took part in this exhilarating experience.

To complete this marathon takes hard work, dedication and determination and we couldn’t be prouder of all 19 who made it across the finish line in record time. As each of them completed what they set out to do, pushing through barriers of mental and physical exhaustion, colleagues were brought even closer together as they celebrated one another and shared in a joint sense of achievement.

To everyone that participated – a heartfelt congratulations! Your athletic abilities make us want to dig our own running shoes out of the closet and give it a go next year.


Team Palm Hospitality Group Times

This heart-racing activity is not for the faint-hearted. Located on the edge of Victoria Falls, Devil’s Pool is a natural rock pool that allows swimmers to float on the very edge of the waterfall. You will have a guide to ensure your safety but be prepared to take a dip in the Zambezi River.

Name Number Time
THANDO NKOMO 1080 02:47:04 (1087)
DINGUMUZI MASUKU 1069 02:46:44 (1082)
BHEKISANI NCUBE 1074 02:04:46 (417)
TATENDA NENJAMBA 1077 02:46:51 (1084)
MOIDIN NYONI 1089 02:46:24 (1079)
LYSTRO NCUBE 1075 02:12:30 (538)
QHUBEKANI DUBE 1065 02:00:14 (346)
ELDAH MBETU 1070 03:21:15 (1548)
DANIEL NKOMO 1079 02:26:04 (743)
DALUBUHLE MOYO 1071 01:46:17 (183)
ERASMUS MULEYA 1073 01:52:30 (249)
MACKSON MAPHOSA 1068 01:50:36 (230)
SHAWN MUKANDI 1072 02:36:06 (921)
IGNATIUS CHUMA 1064 01:55:38 (293)
BRIAN NGWENYA 1078 02:05:35 (425)
JACOB KAFUNYA 1066 01:36:25 (109)
MIRACLE NYONI 1081 01:30:35 (77)
GENNA TOZER 1090 02:07:59 (457)
WELLINGTON NDLOVU 1076 01:29:40 (73)

More About the Race

It goes without saying that one of this event’s major drawcards is the incredible scenery runners get to experience along the way. Where else can you run past iconic landmarks like the Victoria Falls Bridge, with the sound of the Falls themselves edging you forward and lifting your spirit?

Runners enjoy views of lush greenery, dramatic cliffs and, of course, the mighty Zambezi River flowing nearby. With so much to feast your eyes on, who has time to worry about trivial things like tired legs? And if you are feeling a little tired, may the wave of endless support from the sidelines carry you through!

Another unique feature of this event is the opportunity to see wildlife along the way – keep your eyes peeled for playful vervet monkeys, graceful antelope or even a herd of majestic elephants. This marathon truly blends the thrill of running with an unforgettable safari-like experience, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are a seasoned marathoner aiming for a personal best or seeking a memorable fitness challenge, or a novice runner seeking adventure, the Victoria Falls Marathon offers an unforgettable journey through some of the world’s most spectacular natural landscapes. It provides a platform to unleash your potential, conquer personal goals, and emerge with a renewed sense of self-belief.

Will you be joining us for the next Econet Victoria Falls Marathon?

Stay with us:

Should you wish to compete in next year’s Econet Victoria Falls Marathon, Ilala Lodge Hotel is perfectly positioned to cater to your needs.

We offer luxurious Victoria Falls accommodation, a mere 8-minute walk away from one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and delight in welcoming guests to our corner of paradise.

There is so much to explore whilst here, and our family-run hotel offers the perfect respite from busy days of adventuring.

Come sample food from our award-winning Cassia Restaurant and enjoy our swimming pools, lawns and unbeatable service.

Bookings can be made online via our booking platform. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly at reservations@ilalalodge.co.zw.

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