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Things To Do In Livingstone

By Ilala Lodge on September 23, 2016

As if the wealth of heart-racing, smile-inducing activities in Victoria Falls werenโ€™t enough, the town is also situated just minutes from Zambiaโ€™s bustling tourism capital, Livingstone, which itself boasts a vast array of exciting things to do.

Plan a fantastic day trip to Livingstone making full use of the handy list of things to do below:

Visit The Reptile Park

Located just 1km from the Victoria Falls Border Post separating Victoria Falls and Livingstone, the Livingstone Reptile Park boasts a vast collection of cold blooded creatures of all shapes and sizes. Set your eyes upon crocodiles, chameleons, cobras, mambas, boomslangs, and much more. Stroll through the park yourself, or opt for an informative guided tour. Make sure to stick around for feeding time at 15h00, which is by far the day’s most exciting activity.

Contact: +260 21 3321733

Image Credit: furcifer pardalis
See The Falls From A Different Angle

Experience the full extent of the “Smoke That Thunders” by viewing it from both the Zimbabwean and Zambia side. Situated just 10km from Livingstone, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is 1.7km wide, and over 100m in height. Unique attractions best viewed from the Zambian side include the spectacular eastern cataract viewed after an exhilarating walk across the knife-edge bridge, the Boiling Pot at the foot of the Falls and the ever-popular Devil’s Pool.

Image Credit: santiago medem
Visit The Livingstone Museum

The largest and oldest museum in the country, the Livingstone Museum is nestled in heart of Zambia’s tourism capital. Established as far back as 1934, it provides essential insight into the cultural heritage and history of Zambia. Exhibitions of cultural development and evolution date as far back as the Stone Age, and cover over 250 000 years. Make your way through five fascinating galleries covering archaeology, ethnography, history, art and the life of David Livingstone himself.

Contact: +260 21 3324429
Opening Hours: 9h00 – 16h30

Walk With Cheetahs

Image Credit: David Berger

One of Livingstone’s most unique and exciting activities is an unforgettable cheetah encounter at the Mukuni Research Centre. The centre is concerned with the conservation and breeding of the threatened Cheetah, through educating others about this incredible animal. Walk and interact with these magnficent creatures, and learn all about ongoing conservation programmes.

Contact: +260 21 3322286

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