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Top Five Activities in Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge Hotel on July 5, 2017

There are so many activities to choose from when you come to Victoria Falls – no matter your budget, preferences or length of holiday there really is something for every visitor. We’ve selected our top 5 activities based on popularity of visitors to Ilala Lodge Hotel so far in 2017. At Ilala Lodge Hotel, we have a very knowledgeable tours desk that would love to put together an itinerary to suit you.

1.Helicopter Flight

If you want to view the full magnificence of the mighty Victoria Falls, then we recommend the Flight of Angels, appropriately named after David Livingstone’s famous quote when he first saw the Falls and said, “A sight so wonderful that Angels must have gazed down on it in flight.”
This popular helicopter flight will take you on an amazing journey over the 1700m vast expanse of falling water. From up above it is easy to see why the locals’ named Victoria Falls “Mosi O Tunya”, meaning the smoke that thunders, as the rising spray from the Falls reaches up high and the roar can be heard for miles around.

Your flight route will take you along the Zambezi River and the Zambezi National Park, providing you with panoramic 360 degree views of this beautiful Natural Wonder of the World. Have your camera’s ready as the total flying time is approximately 12 minutes and you will want to soak up every minute whilst up there.

When is it best to do the helicopter:

The best time to do the helicopter is at midday where you will clearly be able to see the rainbow and the light is bright and strong for those who love photography. In the morning, it is usually misty and does mean a less leisurely breakfast in order to get there early.

2. Tour of the Victoria Falls

If you are interested in learning about the history of Victoria falls and finding out more about this UNESCO World Heritage site, a guided tour of Victoria Falls is well worth investing in. Apart from visiting the statue of David Livingstone, created in 1934, standing at the edge of the Falls and viewing them from 15 spectacular viewpoints, a guided tour will provide you with all the details on the flora, fauna, bird, wildlife and other points of interest in the Rainforest.

Daily scheduled tours of Victoria Falls are available but you will need to book in advance, especially if you want to fit the tour in around your planned itinerary. There are French and Spanish tour guides available at no additional cost and pre-booking is suggested, as availability is limited. Italian and German guides can be provided upon request; however, this will be subject to availability and will be an extra charge. Pickup from the hotels starts at 8 o’clock in the morning and the tours can last anywhere from two to three hours.

Find out more about what you need to know about Victoria Falls and what you need to bring for your guided tour here.

When is it best to visit the Falls?

The best time to visit the falls would be after 10am when the mist has all cleared.

3. White Water Rafting

Whether you are a seasonal white-water rafter or if it’s your first time, white water rafting down the Zambezi River will be an incredibly memorable experience. A full day activity will take you 70km through the scenic Batoka Gorge and over some of the finest Grade 5 rapids in Africa. Get ready to experience an activity of a lifetime and don’t worry about having to prove to anyone back home that you conquered the great rapids, the rafting company will capture it all on video for you which are available to purchase.

When is it best to white water rafting:
It depends on how much time you have as there is both a half day activity, which means you’ll be back at Ilala Lodge Hotel by 1pm, or the full day which usually returns by 3.30pm to the hotel. If it’s for a group there is an option of an afternoon trip, minimum 6 people, and booking needs to be made in advance.

4. Ra-Ikane River Cruise

The Ra-Ikane River Cruise is one of the most relaxing Victoria Falls activities on offer according to TripAdvisor and it is a great way for you to take a break from adrenaline leaps and full on safari-ing with some “chill” time! The Ra-Ikane River Cruise offers three different times to take a cruise so there is something for everyone. The boats are full of old-world charm, setting a romantic and intimate scene whilst you sit back, relax and take in the surrounding views. With a maximum of 16 seats available, the Ra-Ikane offers a unique vantage point for viewing birdlife and wildlife up-close on the islands along the river. This is unquestionably an activity to add to your bucket list when in Victoria Falls.

When is it best to go on the Ra-Ikane:

Again, the choice is really yours! The morning breakfast cruise is a lovely relaxing way to start the day and especially good for keen bird lovers. The lunchtime cruise offers a shady deck and a delicious spread of food along with an unlimited bar, which makes it a good alternative to a hotel meal. The sunset cruise is a spectacular way to end the day.

5. Devil’s Pool

The Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls is known as the world’s ultimate infinity pool. Located on the edge of the Victoria Falls, the natural rock walls have created a barrier, preventing swimmers from being carried over the edge of the thundering falls. If you are a thrill-seeker looking to experience an adrenaline activity, swimming in the Devil’s Pool is a must.

When is it best to visit Devils Pool:

The most popular choice is the morning breezer and the high tea. The morning experience is more flexible as gives you time to do other activities during the day. The high tea is great for those who want to see the rainbow at a closer range as it appears later in the afternoon.

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