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Adventures in Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge on August 14, 2012

The Victoria Falls are one of the most beautiful and impressive natural wonders on earth, with thousands of litres of water cascading each minute to produce a waterfall that has no equal. A trip to the falls offers many opportunities to view this wonder of nature, and for those thrill-seeking travellers who want to experience the power of the falls first-hand, a number of Victoria Falls adventures are on offer.


Jet Boating

Batoka Gorge forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and is known for its abundant wildlife and bird life. Travellers who want to feel the wind in their hair can take advantage of the jet boating facilities offered at the gorge, combining scenic beauty and the thrill of water sports in one.

The jet boat was first manufactured in New Zealand and is specially designed for use in rivers and gorges. With an open-top design, this rubberised vessel combines power and safety features to bring you closer to the water while maintaining acceptable levels of safety. Providing many Victoria Falls adventures to visitors from all over the world, jet boating trips are available in Batoka Gorge itself and on the Zambezi River.


White-water Rafting

The Zambezi River is considered by many to be one of the worldโ€™s best white-water rafting rivers. The excitement of rafting through this powerful river can only be fully understood one it has been experienced, and as far as Victoria Falls adventures go, this exhilarating activity may just be the most exciting of all. The safest time to participate in this activity is during the low water season which lasts from August to January, and a full safety briefing is conducted by trained guides before the rafting begins.


Zambezi River White Water Rafting


Day Trips

Combining several Victoria Falls adventures in one package, day trips are available along the Zambezi River which includes jet boating and white-water rafting, as well as an overnight stay at a beach camp. These trips provide great adventure to thrill-seeking travellers who wish to experience the excitement of Victoria Falls first hand.

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