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Introducing The Green Team of Ilala

By Ilala Lodge Hotel on May 7, 2019

Over the past few months, our green staff have been nurturing the seeds of environmental sustainability at Ilala Lodge Hotel and we are delighted that these efforts are starting to sprout and grow. At Ilala Lodge Hotel, we have formed a new Environmental Committee, a team of passionate employees whose mission is to step up and find innovative and creative ways to make our hotel a better place in our environment.

The Committee

Chairman: Tapiwa (Kitchen)
Logistics: Mumba (Stores)
Human Resources: Phil
Committee Members: Prince (Restaurant) Zibonele (Bar) Amy (Management) Eddie (Management) Raymond (Maintenance) Nqobani (Garden) Charles C (Housekeeping)

One of our first team efforts was to be involved in a clean up of Victoria Falls area – nothing like getting your hands dirty for a good cause!

Ilala Lodge Clean Up


Tapiwa Ilala Lodge HotelHere is a photo of our Chairman, Tapiwa who attended the first monthly Victoria Falls Waste Management Meeting on the 7th May 2019.  There was a big turnout from local entities such as Kingdom, Wilderness, AFRICA Travel, Shoestrings, the council and municipality as well as local enthusiasts to talk about the future of green development in Victoria Falls.  We were humbled that our efforts at Ilala Lodge Hotel were mentioned – great motivation to continue with more ideas!


Recycling Practices

Ilala Lodge Hotel has signed up to be a part of the Victoria Falls Recycling Project which has been the initiative of African Albida Tourism. The company will start making efforts to sort our waste following the three main principals of recycling:

REDUCE – Where possible we will reduce the amounts of single-use plastic, water, plastic bottles and aluminium cans. We have installed a new Natura water machine installed that guests can fill up their own water bottles with still and sparkling water, or enjoy a break and a glass at our bar.

REUSE – We encourage our members of staff to find innovative and creative ways to reuse our waste – this is a new project where we are trying to identify artists who can help craft from waste.

RECYCLE – Plastics, aluminium, paper and glass are to be sorted into the correct waste bins and sent to Victoria Falls Recycling Project to be processed for re-use in original form.

Ilala Lodge Hotel Green Team

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