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Rovos Rail – Timeless Travel Today

By Ilala Lodge on July 3, 2015

Many think that the age of the rail has ended and the only need for a train these days is for transporting coal and runaway teenagers in the American 50’s. Enter the Rovos Rail. Hollywood scripts would not do the story of Rovos Rail justice. The conception of the rail company was a culmination of specific events and people that lead to the creation of one of the most luxurious and awe inspiring trains in history.

The Rovos Rail operates some very exciting routes spanning the interior of South Africa as well as several beautiful international routes. These trips range from 3-day excursions between Pretoria to Cape Town, to 15-day journeys from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam. Being able to experience trips such as these puts you within an elite group to traverse the continent by rail.

Image Credit - Victoria Falls Holiday

Another famous, must-experience route is the 4 day trip from Pretoria to Victoria Falls. This amazing journey leaves you with a true sense of wonder and awe as you end at the majestic Falls after 4 days in absolute luxury, in your choice of suites on board the Rovos Rail. Allow yourself to experience a true taste of nature’s beauty as you sit back in luxury and watch the sands of time pass by your private suites window.

Routes on board the Rovos Rail range from R16 000 for the shorter journeys and up as you increase your stay on board this pinnacle of luxury.

Life on board this magnificent piece of engineering is spectacular. What’s more, as many guests find this experience as a must repeat, the Rovos Rail Club is a fantastic way to enjoy incremental discounts and additional service.

Along with the prospect of luxurious travel on board the Rovos Rail, one can also look forward to continuing the experience of luxury at Ilala Lodge, Victoria Falls. A perfect opportunity to experience Victoria Falls in all its beauty and splendour presents itself in the form of one of the falls most prestigious lodges.

Image Credit - RovosRail

Whether you hop on board for a once in a lifetime experience that ends up spanning multiple visits or simply enjoy a 3 day trip to the Falls to experience all that it has to offer, the Rovos Rail is by no means a relic of a by gone era. It stands as a pinnacle of luxury and elegance in a world where form often gives way to function and luxury is only seen and not truly experienced. Enjoy modern service, technology and convenience,

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