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Zambezi Cycle Challenge

By Ilala Lodge on July 8, 2015

Ilala Lodge recently contributed towards the inaugural Zambezi Cycle Challenge, which took place in Victoria Falls between 3 and 5 July, 2015. Not only did the lodge co-sponsor the riding shirts, but co-owner Jim Brown also personally embarked upon, and finished, the three-day ride.

Organised by Bruno De Leo and Brent Dacomb, The Zambezi Cycle Challenge is a fundraising initiative aiding in the preservation of the environment surrounding the Victoria Falls, whilst simultaneously providing a unique, exhilarating experience for mountain bike enthusiasts.
Zambezi Cycle Challenge
Winding its way through the Zambezi National Park, and along the Zambezi River itself, the route traversed an area of 150 km’s over the course of three days. Day One saw riders make their way through the Zambezi National Park, an area both stunningly scenic and rich in wildlife. Day Two provided a more inland course, with the group navigating the Chamabonda vlei and Matetsi Safari Area. Day Three, by far the most technical of the event, took them back towards The Falls, with riders skirting the banks of, and often literally ‘riding on the edge’ of the Batoka Gorge.  Victoria Falls Events
With awe-inspiring views of the Zambezi River rushing below, lush vegetation lining the way, and the finest Victoria Falls wildlife, the race was unlike any other.

Events in Victoria Falls
The Zambezi Cycle Challenge is not a commercial venture, and supporting conservation through education, all proceeds went towards the Children in the Wilderness charity and the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust.

Cycling Events in Victoria Falls

Given the massive support and great response for this inaugural event, we have no doubt that the Zambezi Cycle Challenge will be a popular, annual occurrence.

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