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The Dusty Road Township Experience

By Ilala Lodge Hotel on October 7, 2019

The Dusty Road Township Experience is a traditional Zimbabwean restaurant situated in the bustling heart of Chinotimba, the largest and oldest township in Victoria Falls just 10minutes away from Ilala Lodge. It is the latest restaurant to open in Victoria Falls and it has been tried, tested and given the stamp of approval by our Ilala Lodge Hotel team. If you are looking for an authentic Zimbabwean meal whilst you visit Victoria Falls, make sure you put this on your must-do list.

The restaurant is a feast for the eyes before the food even arrives! The décor is bright and original with pops of colour and quirky recycled creations that make you laugh out loud at their inventiveness – metal goats on a broken down bakkie (truck), flour packets as wallpaper and buckets as tables!

Dusty Road Collage

The owner and chef of Dusty Road is Sarah Lilford, whose warm and effervescent personality you can see shining through in the ambience of the restaurant – cheerful, passionate and a true foodie. She describes her style of cooking as “ Afro-fusion” – unfussy, fresh, fun and bursting with flavour. All the food is cooked the Zimbabwean way, on open fires and in cast iron pots and ovens, giving you an authentic, wholesome and tasty food experience. Sarah is a firm believer in women’s empowerment, and she tries to source all her ingredients from local suppliers in the area to support their businesses. Sarah’s menu shows her talent and culinary flair by taking the everyday local fare of Zimbabweans and giving it a whole new twist.

It is a set buffet menu for both lunch and dinner and is open from midday until 10 pm. It is for diners only and is not a bar. Pre-bookings are advised – please ask the Ilala Lodge Hotel reception to help make your booking.

Dusty Road Food

With both her rustic food and the whole Dusty Road Township Experience, she would like her guests to enjoy the richness of Zimbabwe – its colours, textures, tastes and culture. Ultimately, Sarah believes that food is for sharing with new and old friends – it’s a key part of great occasions and even better memories. Make sure you make some wonderful memories when you visit Victoria Falls by enjoying a meal here.

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