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Victoria Falls Crocodile Farm

By Ilala Lodge on November 19, 2013

On your next visit to Victoria Falls, step back in time at the Victoria Falls Crocodile Farm for a day trip with a difference. A visit to the croc farm appeals to those that are young at heart, children, nature lovers and anyone looking for something a little different form the adrenalin-inducing activities surrounding the Falls.


Victoria Falls Crocodile Farm



Here you can safely stroke one of these dangerous reptiles, albeit a baby one, and even take one home, in the form of a stuffed souvenir from the on-site curio shop. The main attraction at this establishment is the full size version though, and here you can enjoy their antics from a close, yet safe distance and get to see those snapping jaws in action at feeding time.

Crocodileโ€™s are interesting creatures. What they lack in beauty, they more than make up for in survival skills, and have been around in their current form for about 65 million years. They are the closest living thing to dinosaurs and have the same prehistoric origins as birds.

One of the world’s most feared predators; crocodiles are highly efficient killing machines. They have acute senses and the location of their eyes and nostrils on top of their heads allows them to lie almost totally submerged and almost invisible as they wait for their next meal. Apart from man, they have no predators and unlike many other species, have survived in large numbers despite the hunting activities of human beings.


croc farm victoria falls


Although crocodiles have not changed much over the millennia appearance-wise, they are highly evolved creatures and more biologically complex than the average lizard and other reptiles. They have a cerebral cortex, a four-chambered heart and have adapted the same muscles used for swimming into a type of diaphragm for respiration. Information boards and trained guides will fill you in on more interesting facts regarding these unique creatures during your visit to the croc farm where you can view crocodiles in all their forms, from eggs to adults and even post-mortem โ€“ in the form of souvenirs made by local craftsmen.


victoria falls croc farm


At Ilala Lodge Hotel you will find a curio shop filled with the most exquisite crocodile leather crafts such as handbags, belts, wallets, key rings and much much more. ย If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, personalized orders can be placed and your items can be shipped to you.



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