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High Adventures in Victoria Falls

By Ilala Lodge on August 13, 2015

Zimbabwe is well known as one of Africa’s premier adventure destinations, and of all the things to do in Victoria Falls, the range of highwire activities is sure to get your adrenaline pumping the most effectively.

These and many other Victoria Falls activities can all be arranged via reputable operators, so be sure to enquire at the reception of your Victoria Falls hotel.

Try-out your tolerance for heights on the Bridge Tour, which although tame by Victoria Falls standards, is sure to test those with a fear of heights, and provide an insight into the tumultuous history of the Victoria Falls Bridge. The tour commences with a debriefing and an entertaining presentation on the building of the bridge, followed by a walk along the catwalks under the bridge which were used during its construction.

Image Credit - Philip Milne
Stepping it up a notch the Flying Fox Cable Slide is a flighty swoop along a horizontal cable, 125m above the valley floor, while strapped into a safety harness.  This is a great appetizer before embarking on bigger and even more nerve-wracking things.

The Zip Line, or Foofie slide, provides a thrill at 106km’s per hour while hurtling across the gorge of a turbulent Zambezi River, while safely attached to a harness and pulley on a metal cable.

The world’s only cable gorge swing, the Zambezi Gorge Swing involves a 50m dive from a wooden platform which is suspended 120m above the gorge. Attached by a harness to a sophisticated rope system the plunge takes you straight down into thin air, before swinging back and forth, rather like a pendulum, until you slow down and are reeled back to earth.

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A slightly kinder cable adventure is the Vic Falls Canopy Tour which will have you sailing through, above and under the forest canopy surrounded by stunning views and glorious nature.

You can try these individually or opt for the Highwire Canopy Tour Pass which includes the Flying Fox, Gorge Swing, Zip Line and Canopy Tour.

Another option is the Adrenalin Highwire Pass which combines the Flying Fox, Zip Line and Gorge Swing.

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Enquire about these and other exciting options when booking your next stay at a Victoria Falls lodge.

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